Sandėlio valdymo sistemos prekybos paroda, Smulkus verslas Lietuvoje dirba daug, bet ne visada efektyviai

sandėlio valdymo sistemos prekybos paroda

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Equinox Europe logistics solutions are suitable for various business and industrial companies. However, it must be admitted that each business area is unique and optimization of its logistics is carried out differently depending on the specifics of the business.

geriausia prekybos sistemos programinė įranga

Warehouse of production, and especially, of design production, may have its nuances, but the task of Equinox WarehouseManagementSystem is Imagine, if you are a manufacturer who assembles a design product, but you cannot find specific custom-made parts in stock, or if you are a food industrialist, but you cannot find a food item with certain shelf life in stock, the task of an efficient warehouse would be just the same — to reduce product search and picking time.

One of our customers — Staticus — innovative international company, one of the largest façade solutions contractors in Northern Europe, has entrusted the optimization of its logistics processes to Equinox Europe by signing a contract for the implementation of WMS.

The system is planned to be launched at the beginning of third quarter sandėlio valdymo sistemos prekybos paroda

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