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Stock Connector lets you link stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, currencies, and cryptocurrencies to cells in your spreadsheets and refreshes them automatically. This stock-tracking add-in works in Excel and later for Windows on desktop, Excel and later for Mac, Excel Online browserand Excel for iPad, whereas other stock-tracking applications for Microsoft Excel work only in the desktop version.

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That means you can even put your live portfolio tracker Excel file in OneDrive or DropBox and access it from any computer, including ones that don't have Office installed. To get started after you install, click the Launch Stock Connector button on your Home tab. Then those values are updated automatically throughout the trading day at an interval you specify.

You can also search btc etf ticker symbols by entering a company name. The app is intended for creating a variety of portfolio-tracking spreadsheets or more complex stock-management and finance tools in Excel. Stock Connector is funded via voluntary contributions, which can be made through PayPal from the Stock Connector task pane on every platform except iPad.

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The core features are available for free, but contributions unlock several bonus features. With the premium version of the add-in, prices are provided without delays real time and can be updated at a maximum rate of once every 10 seconds for US securities.

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With the free version, those prices are provided with approximately 15 minutes of delay and can be updated at a maximum rate of once every 5 minutes.

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